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 Breaking Generational Curses

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PostSubject: Breaking Generational Curses   Mon Dec 15, 2008 3:33 am

An Exclusive Interview
Pastor Larry Huch on Breaking Generational Curses

By Jennifer LeClaire

Larry Huch learned about generational curses the hard way – he was afflicted with one. Namely rage. Huch was not only addicted to cocaine, but some of his best friends were drug lords. He even tried to find God through his drug of choice and all sorts of exotic religions before someone invited him to church. There, the young barefoot and bearded man with waist-length dirty hair, feather earrings and visible needle tracks up and down his arms found Jesus Christ. That was 30 years ago.

While the cravings for cocaine never came back, the anger didn’t leave him even after he was in full-time ministry. His self-esteem was sinking faster than a Cadillac falling from a skyscraper when the Lord revealed the culprit: a curse. Armed with the truth that set him free, Larry Huch is traveling around the world, writing books like “Free at Last,” and building local churches on the revelation that Jesus came not only to save man, but to deliver him from generational curses that block God’s blessings.

The Voice magazine caught up with Larry Huch to talk about generational curses: how to discern one operating in your life and how to break free.

THE VOICE: What is a generational curse?
Larry Huch: The world says it like this, “Like father like son.” The Word says it like this, “The iniquity of the father passes on from generation to generation.” Many times we translate the word “iniquity” as “sin.” But it’s not the sin that passes on from generation to generation. It’s the curse, the penalty. A curse is a spirit that passes from generation to generation until someone finally figures out how to stop it in Jesus’ name. (But in America, we don’t like that word “curse.”)

When Jesus was walking with His disciples they asked if the man was blind for something he did or something his parents did. Jesus didn’t rebuke them for asking a foolish question because being Jewish they understood the Old Testament where it says, “The fathers have eaten sour grapes but the children’s teeth are set on edge.” In other words, the fathers have done something but the children pay the price. One of the great Scriptures is in Matthew 16, when Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do men say that I am?” And they said, “Some say you’re this and some say you’re that.” And then Jesus asked, “But who do you say that I am?”

This is the basis of everything. Peter’s response was a Jewish response, a Hebrew response. He said, “You are the Christ.” The word “Christ” in Hebrew means “the anointed one of God who will remove the burden and break the yoke.” The burden is the wages of our sin – death. The yoke is the curse that passes from generation to generation because of sin. Jesus is not only the one that forgives us of our sin but He also breaks every curse that passes from generation to generation.

THE VOICE: When did God first call you into deliverance ministry and how did He reveal that calling to you?
Larry Huch: One day in anger, years ago, I knocked my little boy down. Without even thinking I said these words to myself, “I’m just like my dad.” So I went to the Bible and asked, “Is there something in the Word of God that says what’s in my dad can pass on to me?” I found out that it’s not only in there, but it’s in there over 325 times. Through that I learned privately that I could break the curses of anger, poverty and addiction off of my life. I learned that Jesus did not just die for me on the cross; He also took the curses off of me. But I never taught this in my own church until a few years ago because I was a little embarrassed to admit that, even as a Christian and a pastor, I had some problems. Benny Hinn and Oral Roberts encouraged me to teach this revelation to the Body of Christ.

THE VOICE: I’m sure you’ve seen many different manifestations of generational curses in your travels. What are the most common types of curses you see plaguing people today?
Larry Huch: One of the most common curses in the Church is in the area of finances. We see so many people sow seed and never see a breakthrough. The weeds always choke out the harvest. The Bible says that sometimes the Word gets thrown amongst the thorns. The thorns are symbolic of the curse. In the Garden of Eden man was to live in abundance, but the ground became cursed with thorns and thistles. Jesus took that symbol of the curse and He said that the curse would rise up and choke out the Word. We have to first kill that curse or those weeds then the blessing will come.

The Bible says that, “My people are destroyed because a lack of knowledge.” Jesus said, “When you know the Word or when you follow me you’ll be free.” The disciples asked, “What do you mean free? We are the children of Abraham.” And Jesus said, “No, he who has committed a sin is yoked to that sin. He is cursed. But when I set you free, you will be free indeed.” That word “indeed” means not only will I forgive the sin but also I’m going to break that curse. This is why I believe the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous. We have been waiting for the harvest to come in but we haven’t learned to kill the weeds. Now when we do kill the weeds all that harvest that has been waiting is going to come into our lives.

Other common curses are anger, depression, divorce and sickness. For example, the doctor will ask you, “Is there any family history?” In other words, “Is there any generational curse?” So what we do is break that curse because of what Jesus did.

THE VOICE: Do different types of curses befall different cultures, races, nations or geographies? Or do these curses cross such boundaries?
Larry Huch: It goes across the board. But there are spirits and curses in certain cities. There are spirits and curses on certain states. There are spirits and curses on certain cultures. We accept it as a cultural trait. So this curse hides behind a disguise. We are teaching people that grandpa and grandma may have had anger or poverty but who the Son sets free is free indeed.

THE VOICE: How can someone discern if they are living under a generational curse? Or how does one know he or she is cursed?
Larry Huch: Proverbs says, “A curse without a cause doesn’t come.” In other words, a bird just doesn’t fly around blindly and accidentally land on a branch where its nest is. There is something in that bird that draws it. It can draw it 1,000 miles. If there is something that is blocking the blessing the probability is we inherited that. We have all heard of the Kennedy curse. These aren’t bad people that God doesn’t love, but somebody down the line opened the door. That’s the same thing with the people that are reading this article. You can stop that thing that keeps passing from generation to generation in the name of Jesus.

THE VOICE: How do you get free? Can a believer break a generational curse off himself? If so, then how does one go about doing this?
Larry Huch: You can break it off yourself; you can break it off of your family members. The first step is to understand that Jesus died to forgive us of our sin so we can have every curse broken because “cursed is every one that hangs on a tree.” Jesus redeemed us from the curse of the law with His blood on the cross. At the whipping post He took stripes and shed His blood again. By His stripes we are healed. But we just don’t pray for people to be healed. We pray for the curse of disease to be broken by the blood of the Lamb.

Why doesn’t prosperity work for some? When Adam and Eve were in the Garden, they lived in a land that flowed with milk and honey. They lived in abundance. But when Adam and Eve were removed God cursed the ground with thorns and thistles, a symbol of poverty. Then God said to Adam, “You’re on your own and by the sweat of your brow…” Four hundred years later Jesus wore a crown of thorns that caused His brow to bleed and the curse of poverty to be broken. When you apply the redeeming blood of the Lamb, God stands at the door and forbids the curse.

The blessing of the law is ours; let’s break those curses so we can get those blessings. You break a curse by the power of the cross and put the blood of Jesus on the same seven places that Jesus shed His blood, and on the door of your family, then that curse cannot come back in anymore. You will see instant miracles.

THE VOICE: So after someone is delivered from a spirit of anger, if there is a curse involved that spirit will come right back in?
Larry Huch: It comes right back in. Jesus said you send the demon out but it comes back in and finds the door still open and you are worse than you were before. The blood redeems us. Where did Jesus shed His blood? In seven different places. In Leviticus they took the blood of a lamb and sprinkled it on the mercy seat seven times. Jesus shed His own blood in seven different places. In the garden of Gethsemane He said, “Father not my will but yours be done,” and He sweat drops of blood. He bought back every drug addict’s will power, every alcoholic’s will power.

THE VOICE: Do you feel there is enough awareness of generational curses in the Body of Christ? Or is this still a revelation that relatively few accept?
Larry Huch: I still think Christians have a misconception. See, I’m really in the people business. I would love to say, “The moment somebody gets saved everything is perfect.” But it’s not true. I run into people all the time who tell me cancer keeps passing on from generation to generation. This is a curse that is in the world. We teach people that we are in this world but we are not of this world. Jesus just didn’t die and say, “I hope you just make it.” He died on the cross to break every curse so finally God’s people can be that glorious bride without spot or wrinkle.

THE VOICE: What is the most striking revelation you have received about generational curses during the course of your ministry?
Larry Huch: That even Christians today have accepted that, “I am just like my dad” or “I’m just like my mom.” They are hoping a problem will go away, but they don’t have to hope it will go away. It will go away when you realize that this is a curse that is robbing you of your blessing. If all Jesus was going to do was die for your sins, He could have done that when they beat Him. He could have died when they tortured Him, but He had to get to that cross because He wasn’t coming just to die for our sins but also to finally break the curses off the human race so we can be the light of the world and live in that unspeakable joy.

THE VOICE: What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the Church today and how are we going to overcome them?
Larry Huch: We need to admit that there still are some problems and we need a spiritual answer. There is nothing wrong with admitting that we’ve got a curse blocking the blessing. A curse doesn’t mean that we are bad; a curse means something bad is happening to us. In James chapter 5 it says, “Confess your faults” – not sins, faults. When we are talking about a curse. We are talking about a spirit. It’s not to put us down; it’s to give us the revelation that will set us free.

THE VOICE: What is the Holy Spirit saying to you about where the Church is headed?
Larry Huch: People need to realize that God is not just this Being that wants us to get to heaven. He is a Father and He wants to set us free. I believe the world is sick and tired of being sick and tired. The world is getting crazier all the time and I believe that people are starting to come in from all around the world saying, “It’s time to let God set my life free.” Then when they are free it’s amazing. They immediately go back to their family and friends and say, “I have good news for you.” When asked what the good news is, they tell people this: Jesus loves you just as you are and you can come to Him, He’s going to change your life

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Breaking Generational Curses
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