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 The Antichrist Identified From 666 & Revelation 13?

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PostSubject: The Antichrist Identified From 666 & Revelation 13?   Thu Oct 02, 2008 8:23 am

Praise the Lord everyone!

Since we are living in the last and evil days of this end-time generation, during a time when Jesus
specifically forewarned His "body" of believers to take heed to the prophetic signs of the Great
Tribulation that will ultimately be accelerated by the antichrist....

I have been noticing more and more it seems, especially throughout this year's presidential
campaign here in the USA, that the Bible, which is the true and infallible Word of God... is coming
to pass and fulfilling itself, just like Christ Jesus told us it would!

And it is for this reason, that I have once again, began my personal research in the particular area
of studying the book of Revelation, along with the reports of the Old Testament prophets, concerning
the rise of the antichrist, for truly the Lord hath already forewarned us in His written Word about
the mysteries of His kingdom and the coming world events, which is given for us - (His people) - to know!

With that in mind, we must remember that up till now, the true identity of the man whose number is 666 as
according to Revelation 13... has be kept hidden from the entire world!

But be that as it may, I know from a spiritual perspective, that the Lord makes known to those who love and
worship HIM, ALL the mysteries of the world, as well as the mysteries of His divine plan for man, "AS" we
approach those specific APPOINTED TIMES whereby it is expedient for us to know!

And so, as our generation nears the close of this dispensation of the LAW of God's grace, I firmly believe that
the Lord is going to begin revealing more Kingdom revelations to us, so that we might arm ourselves with the
WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD, thus taking heed to the signs of the times and preparing ourselves to be living
sanctuaries unto our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in that we might also be effective witnesses for our King
against the fiery trials and deceptions of the antichrist!

Now reflecting on these notions, I have recently come across a very interesting article online that I must truly
say, had quite a bit of logic, as well as theological alliances to Scriptural teachings concerning the revealed
identity of the notorious antichrist, and I want to share this very informative website with you to get your
spiritual take on the information that is disclosed there. So please, if you get a chance to read this article, I
would very much appreciate it if you would take the time to post a reply here so that all who read upon "our"
reviews, might take into consideration the seriousness of the times that we are all currently living in, and what
we may still need to do in order to be useful in our stewardship unto God, while we're going through this
prophetic time!

Take care and I look forward to seeing
your responses here soon!

- Rev. Tina K. Platt


The Antichrist Identified From 666

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The Antichrist Identified From 666 & Revelation 13?
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